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Subject: [Leica] New: Leicaflex SL and Leica R lens page
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Mon Jan 31 03:12:51 2005
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Hello all,
I just put a first version Summicron-R 35/2 (1975) on my SL, no problems 
infinity focus at all, with the body open and shutter at B you can see that 
light baffle at the lower right (seen from the back) doesn't come into 
with , or obscure anything in the camera innards when set to infinity. I 
couldn't find any references to this "problem" in any of my books either.

Is it possible that there were different versions of the "first version" with
a different size of baffle?

Laney does however mention, in the Leica Collectors Guide, that the Summilux 
35/1,4 will work only on SL2 and the R-series of bodies.

Don Dory wrote:
> Karen and Feli,
> Let me clarify the situation.  The first generation 35 Summicron will
> mount on an SL, provided the lens is focused in the near range. However,
> there is a light baffle that prevents focusing to infinity.  I was
> making the assumption that the second generation Summicron R would not
> work as well.  For this premise I do not have any first hand experience.
> Don
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> Subject: RE: [Leica] New: Leicaflex SL and Leica R lens page
> At 10:00 PM -0500 05.1.30, Don Dory wrote:
>>You should add the 35 Summicron R as not backward compatible.  SL2 is
>>fine, SL bodies do not allow mounting.  Mine is the first generation 35
>>Summicron, so I assume the second will not as well.
> Mine is a first generation as well. If I understand what you're 
> saying, the second generation 35mm Summicron-R won't mount on the 
> Leicaflex SL or original Leicaflex?
> Karen Nakamura

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