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Subject: [Leica] amazing...
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Sun Jan 30 19:36:44 2005
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Ok, I shot with the darn thing all day and am getting used to it.

I'm getting the hang of what will fool the AF system and how to deal 
with that.
Same for the meter system.

Overall I think it's a really, really nice camera. Quite a steal for 
the price. Very fast in operation and shutter lag is very, very low. 
Even in hires RAW mode the buffer is generous, unless you start machine 
gunning. If you shoot jpeg there's plenty of space.

It seems to deal better with white balancing tungsten light than the 
Canon's I've shot with, which tend to be on the warm side. Color 
accuracy is very high.

Noise is very low, all the way up to 1600 asa. I just started to dig 
into some NEF (RAW) files, so we'll see.

The autofocus system is very snappy. I don't think it's as fast as the 
1Dx I fooled around with a while back, but it's also a few thousand 

The kit lens is very sharp. Much better than your average consumer lens.

So, far my biggest complaint? It's mostly plastic (plastic over a steel 
frame). It feels -solid; but well...plastic. Is there such a thing as 
high quality plastic construction? Regardless it's build quality is 
light-years ahead of it's competitor, the Canon Rebel.

Overall it's amazing how far we have come in a few years. Just about 5 
years ago I remember playing with a 1 or 2MP Kodak and it was like the 
second coming. Now a grand will buy you a camera that will pretty much 
outperform most pro-cameras that are just a few years old


On Jan 30, 2005, at 10:40 AM, Scott McLoughlin wrote:

> I'm not so fond of my D70 for a number of reasons, but manual 
> operation isn't
> one of them.   Manual operation is actually pretty convenient. Stick 
> it on M. Turn
> one wheel for shutter and the other for aperture. Convenient meter 
> readout right
> in the VF and on the top of the camera.  I like to turn the meter mode 
> to center
> weighted when shooting manual mode.
> What's so hard about that?  The ergonomics of it are actually pretty 
> good.
> Scott
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