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Subject: [Leica] R's on 20D/was 280 2.8 on 20D
From: neal at (Neal Friedenthal)
Date: Thu Jan 27 09:14:43 2005

>Philippe Orlent philippe.orlent at
>Thu Jan 27 08:30:01 PST 2005

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>I didn't see it but it's lovely.
>Might get even better when put in BW.



I, like most photographers in my generation, cut my teeth on B&W 
photography. And like them always thought that "Real" photographers shot 
B&W. Over the years however my mind has changed, I 
now beleive that there few photographs which aren't improved with the 
addition of color. Yes there are some photographs and photographers which 
are better in B&W, the work of W.E. Smith comes to 
mind, but I see this as the exception.
In this photograph, which is almost monochromatic, I feel that the subtile 
nuance (Isn't that a pompous phrase) of color adds to the shot. I did try it 
in B&W and it looked dead. B&W is a much more 
difficult medium to work in and few photographers are adept at it. To my eye 
there is little more depressing that mediocre B&W photography, but there is 
little more exillerating that really good B&W work, 
I just see it so rarely.

off Rant, (Where did that come from, too much caffeine this morning!!)

Neal F