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Subject: [Leica] Wireless Network?
From: wlarsen at (Will)
Date: Wed Jan 26 18:49:12 2005
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Brian Reid wrote:

> Glenn Stauffer's instructions are *exactly* what I was about to 
> recommend. I attach my approval to these recommendations.

Relax Tina, my esteem spousal unit installled a wireless network in the 
house a couple of weeks ago without telling me anything about it.   This 
is a person that doesn't have the foggiest idea how to open a computer 
case.  She bought all of the equipment for a couple of laptops and a 
router/firewall.  And installed it by herself without even telling me.

I have a complicated (to me) system here.  My ISP is via a wide area 
radio network.   A hard wired connection goes from the router/firewall 
from the garage office to the house.  Since the house is a trailer house 
covered with metal, I did not think that a wireless would work from the 
office to the house.  So she got a router/firewall and the appropriate 
cards for the portable computers she has.  Plugged in the Cat 5e cable 
that I had routed to the house and everything works fine. 

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