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Subject: [Leica] You Call that SNOW!?!?
From: doubs43 at (Walker Smith)
Date: Wed Jan 26 08:00:13 2005

>Nah, Walker, yawl is.........
OK, I stand corrected. Guess I'll get my F&W out next time, huh? ;^)

BTW, it's only going to be 63 here today............ and NO SNOW!!

Regarding high road crowns, I clearly recall my father explaining that 
early roads were built with extremely high crowns to achieve rapid water 
run-off. Engineers soon found that a much-less severe center rise of the 
road crown - a couple of inches - worked just as efficiently. The 
conversation came about because the road that ran by our house had a 
crown at least 8 or 10 inches higher than the edges of the road and I 
asked why. This was in Maryland and more than 40 years ago. Having now 
lived in Georgia for more than 17 years, I can state that the roads in 
this area do not have excessively high crowns. I can't speak for farther 


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