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Subject: the market has spoken (was: Re: [Leica] Doomed whatever)
From: vick.ko at (Vick Ko)
Date: Sun Jan 23 07:29:59 2005

I am sorry to see your statement below regarding loss of sales.  I am
thankful that my income does not depend on the sale of prints.

I am waiting to see what the new business model is for "providers of
static images".  

I work in telecom, and my participation in revenue is the creation and
testing of equipment and infrastructure to provide access to the "images
and content", from those that create it to those who are willing to pay
for it.

It may be dire times for those who create that content, as they
transition from the "previous" technology and business model of taking
photos and providing them, to today's world of "Google for the image
category", download (and in some cases, steal, violate copyright), and
use.  The originator of the material might get a reference, but no $$$.

Doug, I hope you have success in moving into that new business model.


Vick Ko

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Subject: the market has spoken (was: Re: [Leica] Doomed whatever)

on 1/23/05 6:38 AM, Ted Grant at wrote:

> ...  Print sales dropped to absolutely nothing.  The market has
spoken.  New lower pricing later this week when I have time to change my

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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