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Subject: [Leica] Doomed: Leica MP 0.58x
From: sethrosner at (Seth Rosner)
Date: Sat Jan 22 07:46:20 2005
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Keep buying digitals, guys; and remember how that M3 that cost $275. in 1960 
depreciated and went out of style.

And celebrate the throw-away generation of tools.

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Doomed: Leica MP 0.58x

> Feli,
> Nikon reported some very nice earnings for fiscal 2004.  Income
> primarily came from the stepper business and P&S camera sales.
> The Japanese expect however that 50% of the digital camera makers to be
> bankrupt in the next two years.  Something to do with extremely rapid
> product cycles, merchants maintaining a very lean inventory so no supply
> chain profits, and price points that drop 10% a month.
> Don
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> The point was that Hasselblad seems to finally gotten the message and
> is trying to
> do something about it, even if it's late in the game.  Meanwhile over
> in Solms they still appear to be pretty clueless.
> Obviously both companies in trouble and there is a good chance that
> they will not make it.
> But in general I think we seem to be on the verge of a shakeout in the
> market as a whole.
> How long do you think Minolta/Konica or Pentax is going to be able to
> hang in there?
> Is Olympus far behind? From a distance it appears that really only
> Canon and maybe Sony in the consumer market are really secure. For the
> past few years Nikon has been looking like it's one serious screw up
> away from being a footnote in photographic history. If they drop the
> ball with the D2x, they are done for in anything but the prosumer
> market. The D2H was a big misstep; the 1d II pretty much annihilated it
> the day it came out.
> So, I think it's safe to say that the entire market is in turmoil.
> feli
> On Jan 21, 2005, at 9:04 PM, Daniel Ridings wrote:
>> Hasselblad is as far, or further, down the road of financial problems
>> than
>> Leica. It's hard to guess who will go down first, Leica or Hasselblad.
>> Leica has already started taking some of the same measures: stopping
>> production, for example.
>> But Hasselblad has gotten a raw deal. The company was bought up (by
> the
>> Swiss) in the 90's. At that time Hasselblad had an advanced R&D group
>> working on digital.
>> The new owners said "No. Stick to film." and dismantled all R&D. Yet
>> new
>> owners (Honk Kong) have now decided digital it the thing. Day late and
>> a
>> dollar short.
>> So in Hasselblad's case it wasn't management so much as greedy capital
>> that ruined them.
>> Same process is going on with Kodak, Ilford, but not Agfa (as much).
>> "Forget new products, new directions, milk the cow you have as long as
>> you
>> can and then liquidate."
>> Leica's cow is people with too much money in their pocket. Leica's
>> business idea is to lighten their load. Photography doesn't have
>> anything
>> to do with it. There's nothing a new Leica can do that my M2 can't do.
>> Nothing. You push the shutter and it takes a picture. I like that.
>> Thank-you Leica. We're both old fogies, Leica with their technology
> and
>> film users. Our days are numbered. Soon some of us relics will be
>> figuring
>> in glossy b/w magazines for fine art. Most of us won't.
>> Daniel
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