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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Nikon SP 2005 Limited Edition Introduced
From: feli2 at (feli)
Date: Fri Jan 14 13:50:48 2005

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From: Dan C <>

>There's no better place for a $6700 USD camera like the Nikon SP than in an
>airtight case.  Why else buy it?   

To shoot with it?

>To actually use?   I'm not being sarcastic.  Was the recent Leica O series 
>camera designed to actually be

There is a pretty big difference between the ergonomics and useability 
of a Null-series replica and an SP. One is a pain in the ass to use, except 
the occasional  nostalgic chuckle, and the other is what used to be a top of 
line pro-camera.

> If I had the money and desire to buy the thing I wouldn't let people
>touch it without first donning gloves.  But I don't and I don't and I won't.

So, if you had $8000 for a new Canon 1Ds II body, would you keep that in a 
case, too?

We have people on this list roaming the streets with at much as $7000 bucks
hanging around their necks. Heck it would be more profitable to knock Ted 
off, when he's
on an assignment, than a Brinks money truck.



-dan c.


Feli di Giorgio