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Subject: [Leica] Leica IIIF questions
From: corkflor at (Alex Hurst)
Date: Mon Nov 8 03:40:39 2004
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Douglas wrote in part:

>As to loading the film, there was a Leica accessory, a template for 
>cutting the leader - ABLON.
>What I do is after removing the base. Put the film end in the take 
>up spool and pull out enough film , then take off the lens, set the 
>shutter to B so that it stays open and fiddle the film onto the 
>through the "picture taking hole" (I'm getting too German, I can't 
>for the life of me think what it's called.)
>When you get used to this method it takes about a minute to put a new film 

There is a definite 'knack'  involved in loading film correctly into 
a IIIf. Though my procedure isn't as elaborate as the one described 
here, I carry a small pair of nail scissors in my camera bag to cut 
the leader roughly as shown in the illustration on the bottom of the 
open camera. The most important thing is to cut between the sprocket 
holes, not through them. Having got the spool and cassette back into 
the camera, my next step is to use the rewind knob take up the film 
tension on the cassette - this ensures the leader fitting snugly over 
the bottom sprocket - you can see this if you hold the camera at a 
certain angle in good light. Last, but not least, once you've put the 
baseplate back on, watch the rewind knob very carefully to ensure it 
revolves as you wind off the blanks.

If you haven't got anything to cut the film leader with, Douglas's 
method is a good one to use in an emergency. But doing it the way 
Leica say you should is IMHO easier and quicker. I just don't want to 
get my fingers anywhere near those shutter curtains.


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