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Subject: [Leica] solo by the Seine... 44
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Fri Oct 29 07:53:56 2004
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Beddoe, Neil wrote:
> I don't agree.  I like the fact that the person is small in relation to the
> size of the frame; it forces you spend a little longer looking at and
> therefore thinking about the photograph and actually emphasises the title.
> Also, waiting for a boat would have just meant that the picture would look
> like the photographer waited for a boat.  The way it is now, there's 
> nothing
> to break up the geometry.  If you look at it hard enough, you'll notice 
> that
> everything, river, path, trees  and houses point to the same convergence
> point which is just around the bend of the river.  The more I look at it 
> the
> more I think that there couldn't have been a better viewpoint for this
> photograph.
> If only there weren't any cars it would be 100% perfect but unless you have
> a special relationship with the Paris traffic authorities, there's not a 
> lot
> you can do about that.
> Neil

I thank you for  your comments Neil,  I agree and 
will add a thought or two...I was struck by the 
aloneness and isolation of this solitary figure in 
the center of Paris...the mood is captured, and is 
precarious...I would have preferred a little 
closer but had one lens, one bridge,  one 
figure....  I rather like the cars above as they 
drive home  the aloneness of the figure,   and the 
great, busy city above and around...

I may do a high res scan and a large print, to see 
how that  works...

the fellow was playing a trumpet and I wonder if I 
can suggest that...

I appreciate your provocative input,  it has 
helped me think deeply about this image...


> Steve Barbour showed:
> Subject: solo by the Seine... 44
>>>ahhhh  Paris,   just a few weeks ago...<,,,
> Hi Steve,
> As much as I like the overall feel of the picture, the soloist is too far
> away from your camera position.
> Because when I first looked, my re-action was,... "What the heck is he
> talking about, solo?" And it wasn't until I began looking tighter and
> tighter at the picture did I find the soloist and I understood what your
> title meant. However, the guy is too small. How about if one could re-shoot
> ;-) yeah right. :-)  And we put the soloist in the 2nd or 3rd sun light 
> area
> from the foreground and you went vertical as one thought?
> But in this situation I'd definitely shoot horizontal and vertical just in
> case later on the light table, one could decide which had the best visual
> effect and composition.
> Another first re-action was..... "where the hell is the boat Steve?" As I
> felt the water area was too big and empty and really needed something in 
> it,
> one of those tour boats or small commercial vessels cruising along would be
> about right. But not too close to the camera position.
> And a couple or single person, naw this is Paris and that's the city of
> couples. So a couple it is, reaching the top of the stairs on the way up or
> down, but just caught in the sunlight at the top. In either they'd be
> silhouetted anyway.
> Actually this is one of those locations where you need extra time on your
> hands to wait for the HCB "DECISIVE MOMENT!"  The location has great
> potential and there are many different photo situations just waiting for 
> the
> "extras" to do there walk on moment.
> HCB would find a spot like this and merely wait for the extras to fall into
> the right decisive moment!
> ted

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