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Subject: [Leica] Newbie wades in, lured by the Noctilux
From: geebee at (GeeBee)
Date: Fri Oct 29 01:09:42 2004
References: <001401c4bc9f$dbdbbed0$d2191d41@heidi> <>

Dear Newbie :-)

I own a Noctilux and for my purposes I can't offer a single practical reason
for spending such a huge amount of cash on a lens. Taking into consideration
my annual earnings against other list members, who by and large seem to be
well educated members of various 'professions', the ?1000 I paid for the
Noctilux makes me borderline insane.

Do I regret the purchase? Not for a nanosecond.  Do I use f1? Four times at
most since I bought it. Johns' practical point of view is certainly more
rational than mine but rationality has never been my strong suit. If I owned
a Ferrari I wouldn't feel obliged to drive it at 150mph or whatever the top
speed is. If I had a country house I wouldn't worry that it had more rooms
than I could possibly use. If I was into Morris Dance music albums I would
still go with the 100 watt speakers.

Question is, how practical are you? Before you answer consider the received
wisdom on this list (thanks Ted it works) and picture yourself changing film
with a camera baseplate held between your teeth.

For anyone contemplating the purchase of a Noctilux and is in need of
justification I would recommend a visit to the virtual pub on IRC Leica.
They advised? me that if the purchase was a disaster I could always get my
money back. Even in todays' collapsing marketplace the Noctilux sells in the
UK between ?1250 and ?1500 pounds so Sonny and the gang are right on that at
the time of writing.

However, the current value of the Noctilux is academic as far as I am
concerned. I wouldn't part with mine if it had quadrupled in value. When my
time comes I may have it buried with me to stop any arguments about who gets
it :-)

To summarise. Splash the cash :-)

Just my 2 cents

--Graham (down to my last 2 cents) Battison

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