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Subject: [Leica] Infinity and beyond clarification
From: jbcollier at (John Collier)
Date: Thu Oct 28 17:28:28 2004
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Try another lens so you know for sure which lens is out. Send the 
offending lens (and body if it is the 35) in for an adjustment.

John Collier

On Oct 28, 2004, at 5:43 PM, Alexander Glissan wrote:

> First my apologies for a lack of info.
> I own 35/f2 (most recent model sn#3847462)
>         50/f2 (second edition? sn# 2294162)
> I live on the Georges River in Sydney. There is a land mass about one 
> (1) - one point five (1.5) kilometers away from me.
> When I compose and focus with the 35 the landmass +  infinity = sharp 
> in VF.
> When I compose and focus with the 50 the landmass +  infinity  = 
> blurred slightly
> In order to produce a crisp image in the VF I must turn the focus ring 
> clock wise (so closer to the Ten on my lens). This error occurs even 
> if I look at say the OTIS lift building at Hurstville (which is about 
> 5 or more km away.
> The Lens itself will not go past the infinity step. However the lens 
> will go one click (not a full stop, a quarter ?)  past f16.
> My question then (the lens won't go past infinity so no worries). 
> Considering the 35 is fine at that distance, should not the 50 also 
> be. Is it possible that the RF can work fine for one lens and not 
> another? (this does not sound logical to me but......). Is it possible 
> for the markings to be incorrect the infinity measurement for feet 
> seems closer to the true infinity measure I get than the one for 
> metres. Should they not be the same.
> I appreciate everyones help so far. Oh my pictures look sharp but I 
> street shoot people from 1.5 metres. I have never taken a landscape 
> with this lens. Ever (i just spent ages looking).
> ALex
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