Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/10/28

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Cars
From: jean.louchet at (Jean Louchet)
Date: Thu Oct 28 11:37:36 2004

Well, first test your backbones and bottoms against them. VAG (VW etc.),
Daewoo and Citroen have the most dreadful seats I know of. I remember a
600km motorway drive (5 1/2 hours) with a brand new Audi A3, took me one
day to get my back straight again.

The perfect car for us luggers should have non-tinted, flat optical glass
all around, perfect suspension and vibrationless engines, plus a built-in
tripod on the dash and remote shutter control on the steering wheel.

Worse, about all cars are getting dreadful and digital these years. IMHO
the best ones ever were the 4-cyl. Volvo 740/940, 1977-1980 240 (not the
earlier or later ones!), the pre-GM Saab 90 and 900 and mid-seventies
mercedes. Plus the fantastic Borgward Isabella, Volvo's manual+carburetted
164, 1966-70 Amazons, and some Studebakers. 1958 Chevys were not too bad.
Present production are just fast, efficient money pullers with crazy
maintenance costs. To stay OT I would compare some of them (those I know
best) in terms of both design and spirit:
 amazon to leica III. Everything in it is really useful, lacks the view
 164 to M5 beautiful but sometimes uselessly big and complex
 240 to M2/M3 all very rational and smooth
 740 to M6 a bit more refined but basically the same
 940 to MP a bit more more refined.
 Isabella to Nikon S?

> I have checked these out. Same problem as all VW Group
> cars - no cool air vents when the heater is on.

Didn't find how to switch on the heater on my M6. Please someone tell me,
winter and snow are already getting there!