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Subject: [Leica] Newbie wades in, lured by the Noctilux
From: jklu at (Jeffrey Lu)
Date: Wed Oct 27 20:57:32 2004
References: <001401c4bc9f$dbdbbed0$d2191d41@heidi>

I have an M3 permanently mated to a Noctilux.  To me, they're made for 
each other.  The thick 50mm framelines, almost lifesize VF, and high 
EBL just work.  I tried the Noct on 0.72 bodies, but I like my 
framelines to fill the vf.   I hardly ever use the Noct in situations 
where i need to work so rapidly that the rewind knob and quirky loading 
made me lose a shot.  Actually I find the knob better than the crank 
because I always lose the crank and have to re-tighten the film.

The first version should be less than the latest version.  The built-in 
hood of the latest doesn't bother me the least bit FWIW.

If you find framing/focusing on an SLR easier than RFs...


On Oct 27, 2004, at 11:40 PM, The Sleighteem wrote:

> Hi.
> After reading numerous Leica FAQ's and M guides, I submit the 
> following:
> I believe I'm what you'd call a budding Noctilooney.  I have never 
> used an M camera, but right now I'm deep in my Web researches to 
> select and buy my first one solely to harness the Noctilux.  I'm the 
> first to admit that I'm smitten and not exactly rational.  Here I am 
> poised to spend upwards of three-thousand dollars just so I can create 
> images which appear as though they were made by a large format camera. 
>  Is shallow depth of field really something to loose your head over?  
> Maybe.  Maybe not.  I find it intoxicating, others find it nausiating 
> (Nausilux).  All's I did was look at some Noctilux image galleries on 
> the Web and my quest was born.  If this is folly, would you snap me 
> out of it?  Otherwise, could I trouble you to read my questions below 
> and offer some advice?
> First, the body:
> The M3's stand-out EBL makes it a contender, but the improvements to 
> the M4 make it more desirable to me.  Am I missing something 
> important?  I think I'm willing to sacrifice some EBL to gain the 
> rewind crank and the speedier film loading.  I thought I'd sooner have 
> the 4 than the 4-2 or 4-P.  I would have to add a hot shoe, but I'm 
> willing to do that just to have the slightly better (?) VF/RF.  Yes, I 
> see the 6 Classic and TTL bodies are practically clogging eBay these 
> days, but I thought the 4 could still be had for less.  My prior RF 
> experience is limited to Graflex press cameras, stereo cameras, and 
> the Texas Leica (Fuji's GS690).  I have always preferred SLR's, but 
> I'm willing to give up their framing/focusing convenience just to 
> shoot the Noct.
> Next, the Noct version:
> I'm chasing the first incarnation 'cause it has the slightly smaller 
> filter size.  I have this notion that overall barrel could be a tad 
> more svelt than that of the subsequent versions (why I think that, I'm 
> not sure - if all of them have the same glass, shouldn't they all have 
> the same dimensions?).  Will I end up paying a premium for the first 
> Noct?  Perhaps the bargain specimens tend to be the second version.  
> Can you confirm this?  I read that a retailer in LA will rent you a 
> Noctilux for the weekend for a cost of $100.  That seems reasonable, 
> but I live in the midwest.  As crazy as it sounds, I may just have to 
> buy a whole outfit just to experiment with this lens.  But I wouldn't 
> call it pure extravagance 'cause I look forward to shooting the 35/1.4 
> and the 21/3.4 also [some day].
> Lastly, if anyone has a body or lens to lend (sell) to my cause, I 
> would love to hear about it.
> Thanks for your attention, and thanks in advance for any/all advice!
> Sleighteem
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