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Subject: [Leica] RE: Leica M4-2
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Oct 26 16:24:19 2004
References: <003f01c4bb90$0ae68220$87d86c18@ted> <> <003f01c4bb90$0ae68220$87d86c18@ted> <> <1098828930.4755.14.camel@failsafe>

Feli di Giorgio said and asked:

> I know, I've seen his work and think very highly of it. <<,

Thank you kind sir.

> That makes it even harder for me to believe that Ted doesn't sometimes
> think "Hmmm, maybe if I overexpose her a stop, when she's next to the
> window, it will make the back light on her hair pop a little better when
> I print it."<<<<

So help me I've never thought along those lines in my photographic life. I 
might just automatically change the aperture or shutter to add to the light 
effect, but that would be done without any definitive analysis nor thinking 
about why ... I'd just do it. Absolute truth. And as far as thinking ahead 
to printing? ..... Never enters my mind simply because the important thought 
or re-action at the moment is to what's in the viewfinder, what I'm seeing 
and does it make my gut twitch to shoot.


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