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Subject: [Leica] RE: Leica M4-2
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Oct 26 14:12:11 2004
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Gene said:
Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: Leica M4-2

>I never even think about it.  The frame lines are a reference only, and as
> long as they are not less than what I see in them, then it is not of any
> consequence in my book. <<<,,,

Hi Gene,

Neither did, nor do I, simply because if you don't know, nor worry yourself 
about this nickel and dime viewfinder stuff  and do your photography with 
what you're looking at in the viewfinder, one has a much better time.

Heavens the years I've used Leica's to date is longer than some a live on 
this list and it never occurred to me that there was anything wrong with the 
viewfinder. As it always comes down to........ "How damn good is the 
picture?" That's what people need be concerned with rather than this nickel 
and dime viewfinder stuff.

Besides who shoots an M camera and expects to have what you see in the 
viewfinder to be "absolutely perfect on the film?"  And if they do they're 
in for a huge surprise because if one requires that kind of accuracy they 
should  use an R or some other camera where you see 99%  to 100% of the 
screen and what's going on the film.


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