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Subject: [Leica] Interview on Zeiss Ikon
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Mon Oct 25 08:44:53 2004

Glass makes money, bodies do not.  Keep in mind that Cosina is "licensed" to
make the lenses in Japan.  They are not German products.  This is only
significant because Zeiss can only make money on lenses it produces, and
that means German production.  The 15 and 85 will make them money, the
others will add to the coffers, but to a much lesser degree.

I think that if the Zeiss lenses ( German and Japanese) are good, there will
be a negative hit on Leica as users try out these new optics, and forego
Leica products.  Could be yet another problem for Leica's survival.

Frank Filippone

I had the chance to handle the Ikon and lenses this weekend.  I wasn't
impressed with the body, seemed more like an R2 then a Leica, but the lenses
were something to behold.  Most noticeable were the aperture which were in
thirds from f/2-f/22.  The Hassy reps said they were going to be 40% Leica
prices.  I can't see the body being too much of a treat to leica, but the
lenses are another story, they are likely to be the bread winners for the

Chris Saganich

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