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Subject: [Leica] (thievery) [ was: new photos]
From: richard-lists at (Richard F. Man)
Date: Sun Oct 24 12:41:40 2004
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Well, there are two issues:
1) Putting some sort of copyright notice etc. This should be done. I don't 
know what the copyright laws actually say, but it is so easy to slap a 
copyright notice on your images that IMHO, you always should. I put on all of our images in the gallery. The 
gallery SW supports that automagically so no work on our part after the 
initial setup.

2) Someone "hotlinking" your images. The problem with that is they are 
"stealing your bandwidth." If your images are small then may be it's no big 
deal. Otherwise, why let them? If you run your own web server, there are 
couple different voodoo magic ways of disabling people from doing that. 
There is also a way to display other images when hotlinking this way. 
However, I don't recommend it as it may get people upset.

At 12:16 PM 10/24/2004, wrote:

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> writes:
>More comments on how others try to resolve this issue are welcome.
>- Phong
>I don't usually worry too much about it, as from all I can tell, not too 
>outright theft going on, however, I did notice some strange url referrals in
>my stats.  I followed them, and found that a couple of my pictures had been
>linked onto discussion lists.  So I renamed the pic in my website, and 
>left an
>altered copy with the original name.
>and scroll down a little.

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