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Subject: [Leica] LEICA: Whether (weather) proof ?
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Sun Oct 24 12:10:18 2004

Hello Jeffrey,

Me, I've never used, ** fortunately ** I don't have the direct experience.
Best wishes

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Jeffery Smith
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Once I get gasoline or diesel oil on something, I cannot get the stench
of it to go away no matter how hard I try.

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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My father when he was a good technical man in watches, I remember when I
a child we was on the beach and he drops on the see with his camera. The
first thing he das at home was submerge the camera in water, once
to eliminate the salt water, he put it in petrol all the night. The
following day he went to the repairshop to care the camera, it was no

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Alexander Glissan asked:
Subject: [Leica] LEICA: Whether (weather) proof ?

>I wondered if anyone had any stories about Leica M's (M6 would be
>pertinent) in cases of foul weather. It is raining in sydney and I
>how well my Leica equip would hold up when Whet (wet).<<<<<<<<

Hi Alexander,
I suppose it depends on how wet you mean in wet? And how hard or heavy
volume of rain is falling. I've used mine in rain, but when it begins I
the cameras inside my jacket until the moment to shoot, subject comes
camera is out, focus, shoot, back under jacket.

Then with hanky or face cloth... (my wife keeps wondering where they
disappear to,) ;-) wipe camera off as best I can.  But usually there's
somewhere. And I've never had any water created malfunctions during the
years I used M6's on working assignments.

One needs but common sense and shoot quickly with the minimum of water
the camera. Then drying it off quickly.

Now if you have one that gets soaked you can dry it out in the following
manner without ill effects.

Don't panic when I say......"put it in the oven!"

Take the base plate off as though loading. Then open the back cover so
will stay open by propping it on a cup or something to hold it open.
sure the shutter isn't cocked. Place in oven with the slightest of
Now that's the key word..... "WARMTH"... You should be able to hold your
hand in the oven and barely feel  it warm.

Set camera on a centre rack and leave the camera until it feels warm and
depending on how badly it got soaked, leave it until you don't see water
anywhere. I don't mean dropping it in the pond and using the oven,
it probably would work. I mean wet from a down pour and you couldn't dry
off soon enough that there maybe some leakage into the body.

Been there and done this a few times over the years and everything
like new after.

And if this method doesn't work, then its off to leica or your favourite

If it's ever salt water?  And really soaked, drop the camera over board,
claim the insurance and buy a new one! ;-)


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