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Subject: [Leica] Conflicted now crawfish NOT CRAYFISH
From: SonC at (
Date: Fri Oct 22 07:54:21 2004

In a message dated 10/22/2004 9:44:19 AM Central Standard Time, writes:
OK... Maybe I missed it but please explain to me  the culinary delights that
Swedan and given the world?
Volvos?   ...WONDERFUL!  SAAB (aircraft)  KICKASS! ... IKEA ...comfy.  ABBA
...ok, we'll let that one go ....but FOOD???   C'mawn!

I was being polite  ;>D

Here's the  deal:

This works best outdoors with a propane burner.

Crawfish  Boil

40 lb. bag live  crawfish                            
Bay  leaves                                                  
24  lemons                           
Bag of small sweet  onions                   
Cayenne  Pepper                          
Louisiana Hot Sauce       
Zatarain's dry  crab boil      
24 ears of  Corn                
Five pounds small red  potatoes                            
Vegetable  oil                               
bag of  ice                                     
sml bot. Zatarain Liq. Crab boil.         

Small boat paddle to stir with
80 quart crawfish pot with  basket.

Open first  beer
Fill your 80 quart pot one inch above the halfway point of your  pot with 
basket in.
Add 4-6 ounces of oil. (Helps the crawfish meat  come out of their shell 
easier - 
Add 1 small bottle of Zatarain liquid  crab boil.
Add 10 ? 15 bay leaves
Add 1 cup Louisiana   Hot Sauce
Add 3 lbs onions cut in wedges
Add your 2 dozen  lemons cut in half and squeezed into the water and then 
dropped  in.
Add  5 lbs. #1 red potatoes (called Creamers or salt  potatoes)
Open second beer,  Fire up your pot and Bring your water  to a rolling boil 
and cook the potatoes for 15 minutes.   While your  potatoes are cooking, 
your crawfish still in the bag, put them in the ice  chest with the drain 
and gently rinse them off with the hose. When the  water is running clear, 
dump the crawfish from the bag into the washtub  and  rinse until the water 
clear. Then set them aside. Husk your corn  and break it in half. Add it to 
your potatoes and cook for an additional 10 to  15 minutes.   Open next beer.
When you can slide a fork  easily into the potatoes, lift the basket to 
the corn and potatoes. Then  dump the corn and potatoes into a container and 
cover for later. Put the basket  back into the pot.
Add the  dry crawfish boil.
Add the  container of Cayenne Pepper (that?s right, the whole container)
Stir  all the ingredients for about a minute. Add your crawfish.  
Open next beer.
When you have a rolling boil, (The pot, not you) cook  for 10 minutes and 
turn the heat off.
Add your bag of ice and cover.  Let soak for 10 ? 15 minutes. Now they are 
absorbing the spices that give them  the flavor.
Open another beer and drink while waiting for the soaking  cycle.
After your 10 ? 15 minute soak period, dump on newspapers in the  middle of 
the table.  

Natchitoches,  Louisiana
Oldest continuous settlement in La Louisiane
?galit?, libert?,  crawfish

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