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Subject: [Leica] W--I--D--E Portraits
From: daniel.ridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Fri Oct 22 07:38:29 2004
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> they show the dignity, under crushing poverty, of these women.

The saga goes on. The other's husband came home drunk one day and stabbed
her sister, who was living with them together with her children, to death.

So it goes from bad to worse. She then had yet another batch of children
fall under her protective wing at the same time as her husband went to
prison. He eventually died and his relatives got the idea she would be an
easy mark to disinherit so that they could get the house.

There's nothing particularly unique in this fate. There are myriads of
such stories.

But she's strong. She's someone I truly admire.

The last time I was there they had quit smiling though (april 2004). It
was that tough. It takes a lot for that to happen in the country.

Many thanks!


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