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Subject: [Leica] Re: Henning's RD 1 report - Emanuel's calling me out...:-)
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Oct 21 11:21:28 2004

While whatdoyaknow - I slept through the latest outrageous price
increase- an M7 is now $2795, not $2500. Ooops. And, btw, B&Hs price is
pretty much the same as everyone elses - that is "list."

Is management stupid enough to think they can charge a $700 premium to
start charging you more? Yes.

And according to the latest Leica World News, Leica M7 and MP will only
be available outside the custom program in .72. Which means that a .72
is, for this nanosecond, $2800, but a .58 or a .85 is $3500 - or $700
more. (Sorry that I exaggerated by $300 ;-))

All of this only goes to reinforce my message -
 Leica is dead - Long live Hermes


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On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 11:20:46AM -0400, B. D. Colen wrote:
> And what say you to the far more Leica-relevant news that Solms will 
> only sell M7s and Mps with .72 finders, unless one wants to pay a 
> $1000 premium? I would think you'd be far more concerned about the 
> Hermesification of Leica, the end of Leica as a company that produces 
> real cameras for real photographers, than you would be about how good 
> the Epson RD-1 is or isn't.

Where does the "$1000 premium" figure come from?  I see that the
configurator starts from a list price of $3500, which I assumed to be
the list price of the standard cameras.  B&H has them for about $2800,
and although I haven't bought any real cameras recently, a 20% discount
from list is about what I expected from a large mail order retailer.

It is possible that the current management is stupid enough to think
they can charge $1000 extra for the privilege of letting you ask to pay
even more for cosmetic changes.  It is even possible that Leica fanatics
would be stupid enough to pay it.

But I see no reason to believe that $3500 is not the normal list price,
and that therefore there is no $1000 premium except in a few Luggers'

I'd appreciate being corrected if I'm wrong (other than for rooting for
the Buffalo-Bills-on-the-Bronx this year).

-- Emilio

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