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Subject: [Leica] Recent Leica 90/2.8 - Seeking Comments and Advice
From: robertmeier at (
Date: Wed Oct 20 22:03:56 2004
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There are two lenses noone, I think, has mentioned, both of which are very 
good.   The Nikkor 85mm f2 and the Canon 85mm f1.9.   Both are LTM and work 
beautifully on M's with the 28-90 adapter.   I've used both and prefer the 
black version of the Canon (as opposed to the earlier all chrome Canon) 
because it is both a bit sharper and a bit lighter than the Nikkor.   But 
there are people who think the Nikkor is the best lens.   The difference 
between 85mm and 90mm is negligible.   They come up in auctions fairly 
regualrly and generally go for $200-300.  There is one other 90, BTW, that I 
also like quite a bit becasue it is both very sharp and very small and 
light:  the 90mm f4 Elmar-C, made for the CL.    It works nicely on my M2.


> Thanks for all the comments. Glad to hear that at least one Nikkor
> 105/2.5 user compares the 90/2.8 favorably, but sorry to hear we
> have one vote for a sterile fingerprint. I'll be looking at more sample
> images in the future.
> Also sorry to hear about the weight. OTOH, having to stick the
> Nikon glass as well as my FM3a in my bag alongside my Leica
> gear is pretty heavy too.  Reducing this weight is probably my
> main reason for looking for a good M mount 90mm lens.
> Is there a decent M mount, f2.8 or better 90mm that weighs
> less?  What about the CV offering?  Although I'm already bummed
> about the speed of that lens :-)
> B.D. and Mark's counsel is perhaps the path of least risk and
> greatest economy.  I am pretty happy with my Nikon 85+105
> +135 lenses.  Love my FM3a too.   DOF preview comes in
> handy with my teles.
> I find that the 85/1.8 AFD does produce very hexagonal OOF highlights,
> but it's very, very sharp (in that clinical Nikon way).  It was pretty
> inexpensive as well.  I've had some serious 85/1.4 AFD lust a few
> months back. Stellar lens by all accounts I'm aware of.   Maybe
> I'll pick one of those up and utilize the Leica for 50mm and shorter
> focal lengths.
> Again, many thanks.
> Scott
> Scott McLoughlin wrote:
>> I'm idly thinking about some gear additions and
>> enhancements I might make early next year. Right
>> now, I have some lenses between 21mm and 50mm.
>> With the recent addition of the 28 Summicron, I
>> think I'm pretty content in this  range.
>> So I'm putting out feelers for a longer lens. Right
>> now, the 90/2.8 looks enticing.  Not too big, built
>> in convenient shade, pricey but not way too pricey,
>> E46 filters like my 28/2.
>> Any issues regarding the 90/2.8?  Any "better" options
>> I should consider?  Should I wait for the Zeiss 85mm
>> and see how she performs?  Any other size, weight,
>> speed tradeoffs I should consider?
>> Should I spring for the 1.25x magnfier to use this lens
>> on my M6 w/.72 finder?
>> Right now I shoot a few short teles on my Nikon FM3a:
>> 85/1.8, 105/2.5 and 135/2.8.   So this will be my first foray
>> into shooting a longer lens on my Leica.
>> Thanks for any advice.
>> Scott
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