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Subject: [Leica] Recent Leica 90/2.8 - Seeking Comments and Advice
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Oct 20 16:10:37 2004
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Doug Herr offered:
>>A couple of years ago on one list I contemplated out loud the
> option of replacing the 90 'cron with 80 'lux, since I had just purchased
> the 100 APO and the 90's aperture and focal lenght are so close to the 100
> APO.  I was met with a flood of "DON'T DO IT, YOU'LL REGRET IT" responses
> and if I'm not mistaken Ted was a member of the chorus.  Not that the 80
> 'lux is a bad lens, but because of the 90 'cron's uniquely beautiful
> 'fingerprint'.  Even now the 90 is the lens I'll pick for family portraits
> because of its 'fingerprint'.<<<

Hi Doug,

Gee was I one of the chorus? ;-) I don't recall the posts but I can't 
imagine saying not to buy the R80 1.4 Summilux as it's a beauty! And when 
you work wide open or near so, the main point of focus just pops off the 
page or screen with a drop dead beautiful background of colour blur.

I've used mine since it became available way back when, actually bounced it 
off the concrete sidewalk In Edinburgh '86 at the Commonwealth Games,  :-( 
Bad scene! :-( a great big ouch! Had it re-done and still use it regularly 
today as it creates a beautiful get rid of back grounds or "I suppose, 
softens them" much as in your portraits shown using the 90mm with the 

But I don't relate to the lens use terminology as you or Dan Colucci 
mention, I suppose I do it without thinking about it. Or the background is 
such a disaster of junk and distraction I know wide open I can get rid of it 
rather than thinking of the "fingerprint" as such.

I imagine we're all on the same path and it's merely terminology that 
appears to create the confusion.


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