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Subject: [Leica] Hasselblad and Imacon
From: daniel.ridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Wed Oct 20 07:05:19 2004
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> Normally I appreciate your inputs on LUG but but: What was the purpose of
> putting the parenthesis ?(typical)? between ?danish? and ?management? in
> your make-shift translation of the article about the job cuts at
> Hasselblad?s factory in G?teborgs-Posten? That word does not appear in the
> original Swedish text, as far as I can reckon.

Sorry. It made no sense on the LUG. The original paraphrase was done on
the RUG where it made more sense. Everything in parentheses in that
paraphrase is mine, not from the article.

> I am a Dane and I cannot help being just a little bit proud of seeing the
> Danish ?sprinter? company Imacon involved in a merger with / take-over by
> big big Hasselblad.

With good reason. No qualms with that.

> And as you probably realise some trade-offs has to be
> made in such situations: Which of the parties delivers the MD/CEO and the
> Chairman of the Board of Director respectively and how do we start
> capitalising on this very merger.

Once again, it was an internal thing on the RUG. I know business realities
when I see them.

Personally, I doubt that the new enterprise will find much of a market,
but I hope they do. Canon has got them huffing and puffing. They'll do
fine with the IKEA catalogue and things like that, I'm sure.

> Please don?t worry, so far I have been unable to get anywhere closer to the
> Imacon products than ?glaring at the windows?. Recently however I acquired
> Mamiya 645 Pro with interchangeable film back so maybe some time in the
> future I might be able to go digital in MF thanks to Imacon/Hasselblad.

Yes, the price might drop once if they succeed into getting into a market
and selling more units. Eventually R&D will be paid for. It's expensive to
be the first one on the block to have it.

> In the meantime I am happy with my MF gear also comprising a Mamiya TLR 
> C220
> plus of course my Leica IIIc and a couple of Hexar RF?s with a respectful
> range of lenses. Hopefully also my time of lurking at the LUG will soon be
> over

Sounds to me like you have some nice stuff. I regret every selling my
Mamiya C220 years ago ... but had to, in order to get my Leicas :)


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