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Subject: [Leica] Photokina Notes
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun Oct 17 23:56:14 2004

There is no reason to assume they will have longer lives - The Canon pro
cameras are built like tanks - just like Ms and Rs. What causes the
price drop is the advance in digital technology, and the fact that
people wanted the latest. Given the lightspeed with which Leica brings
products from drawning board to market, the M will be dated by the time
it finally hits shelves. Given that, there is no reason to assume that
it will hold value any better than a D1s, or any other top of the line
Nikon or Canon DSLR.

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Used 1Ds also go for $4.0-4.5K here in Japan. A 50% decrease may be 
quite acceptable for a camera of this kind. I for one would assume that 
current and future M-mount digicams will enjoy longer lives, although it

is my arbitrary speculation. Otherwise, Leica digital cameras will have 
little chance to survive.


Feli di Giorgio wrote:

> Have you taken a look lately at prices for a used Canon 1Ds?  The 1Ds
> isn't even on the shelves yet, and already
> prices for the 1Ds are falling like a watermelon dropped out of a 20th

> floor window. That was a $8000
> body, last week I saw a mint one go for $4100.
> Feli
> On Oct 16, 2004, at 7:05 PM, MIKIRO wrote:
>> This is a critical issue to Leica. No one would be happy to see their

>> $7K Leica cameras worth $2K in two years. In my opinion, this is 
>> justified only by those who make enough money with the "tools". And 
>> then, how many Leica users can do that? However, decrease of resale 
>> value will possibly be smaller than expected because 6-10MP digital 
>> M-mount cameras are produced in small numbers and probably work well 
>> enough even in three years.
>> Japan

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