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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon
From: s.dimitrov at (Slobodan Dimitrov)
Date: Mon Oct 4 19:14:00 2004

The Nikon glass, Leica body combination is in current revival with the
Cosina lenses. It's precisely why I don't like using the CV lenses, as it
reminds me of their 60-70's tonality.
Having been literally brought up on the coolness of Leitz, Zeiss, and
Schneider glass, the 'nikon' look grates on my visual sensibility.
S. Dimitrov

> From: Karen Nakamura <>
> Reply-To: Leica Users Group <>
> Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 11:00:44 +0900
> To: Leica Users Group <>
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon
>> How about users? Does anybody use them? I cant help thinking if there were
>> any good than I'd have at one point in my life seen one.
> I occasionally used my S2, sold it, and now have an S3 which I
> occasionally use. The glass is excellent, very nice, kind of a Sonnar
> look to everything. The viewfinder is less than stellar. I've looked
> through other S3s and they're all the same. Kind of dim compared to
> the Leica M3.
> Tom Abrahamsson regularly carries around his SP which is rather
> tattered looking.
> So there are some S-users out there. But very few  I think would
> claim that the *body* was better than the Leica. We are all fans of
> the early Nikon lenses.  If the Nikon->Leica M adapter were more
> available, we'd be using that. That's part of the reason that Mr.
> Kobayashi came out with the Voigtlander Bessa R2S - to allow us to
> use the wonderful S glass.
> Karen
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