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Subject: [Leica] Kickin' the 'Kon Around
From: buzz.hausner at (Buzz Hausner)
Date: Mon Oct 4 15:55:53 2004

Loading a Nikon F on the run?  Loading an M3 on the run?  Loading an M6
on the run?  We live in the golden age of film.  Okay, perhaps it is the
sepia-tinged age of film.  The Nikon F had a removable back for what was
in 1968 a very good reason.  B.D. and I have been kicking it around and
if anybody else remembers the Polaroid back that Marty Forscher
developed for the Nikon F, we may be able to imagine one vector for the
digital M.


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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon 

And for those of you who condemn film loading a Leica
M -- with its skinny baseplate that you grip with your
teeth and an attached flip-up back door -- consider
loading a Nikon RF, with its removable combined
base/back that is nearly as big as the entire camera.
Where do you put that while carefully threading the
film into the take-up spool, on the run?


Emanuel Lowi

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