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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Mon Oct 4 10:03:41 2004

Dear Greg,

As a friend I wanted to warn you that some total asshole has hijacked
your Email account and is posting in your name. Why do I say this:

Well I'm assuming that it's a safe bet that you've never used Nikon
rangefinders. And we all know how strongly you feel that no one who
hasn't at least used a particular piece of equipment should comment on
it. And we all doubt that you are a total hypocrite, so my conclusion
that a total asshole has hijacked your Email account is the only logical
conclusion to be drawn from seeing you jump into this thread to launch a
personal attack against me.

After all, I have used an S3. (And at the time I did I would have jumped
ship from leica in a nano-second had I been able to afford to do so - as
some of my friends did. But alas, I was cash poor at the time, and
couldn't invest in a new system.)

Your friend, B. D.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon

Frank Dernie writes:

> Wow have you ever used one? The S3 and SP are horrid compared to
> any M I have used - yes I have used both.
> Frank

Used one? The Ju Ju Man nevers even has to touch one prior to providing
another "in-depth review"!

As Dave Edmunds sung:

"We had to go to town right away to see the Ju Ju Man.
I said, "Please please tell me, Mr. Ju Ju Man,
Read the cards that you've got in your hand.""

I believe a quick reading of some chicken bones comprises part of the



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