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Subject: [Leica] What's short for Barnak? Barney, that's what...
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Sep 30 08:05:05 2004

Hey, John - The first suggestion is actually a quite clever platform for
a new campaign...

Shoot digital like the pros -
Then we'd have a classy photo of a big name photographer with an M7 in
one hand, and a roll of slide film, or tri-x, or whatever in the other,
held toward the camera....

Shoot digital like...Mary Ellen Mark.

Shoot digital like Elliot Erwitt. 

And then a line that says..

All you need is a Leica M 7, and a roll of 35 mm film to have the
world's best full-frame, 35 mm, 25 megapixle camera. Scan the images
yourself, or have the scanning done by your processor.

Leica M 7 - Classic 20th Century Technology for 21st Century Results.


B. D.

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Subject: [Leica] What's short for Barnak? Barney, that's what...

I'm profoundly un-impressed.   Wanna be an old fart?  got 20 grand? buy 

Here's one alternative ad campaign - it occurred to me while I was 
taking my weekly shower...

Question:  Want 25 (or however many) megapixels?  Now??

Answer:  Buy a Leica and use film.

And here's the killer app for Photokina 2006:  simultaneous electronic 
and film photography.  Design a camera that gives a 2 or 3 mp instant 
gratification shot and also puts a latent image  on film.  Provide the 
best of both worlds.  Stress the archival qualities of film and the 
evanescence of digital media.  Any digicam that uses an electronic 
viewfinder is already on  the way.

back to lurkdom...

cheers, john scocca

On  30 Sep 2004 12:16:56 +0200 <> wrote:

  [Leica] Photokina - Film Dinosaurs
> Good morning all, (at least it's a.m. in Europe)
> A well known company is trying a different angle on market research.
> Click for the English version ( the direct URL was too long),  read 
> the article and then click imprint and get a big surprise as to who's 
> behind it. I don't know what to think of this at all, so I'll reserve 
> judgment. Douglas.

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