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Subject: [Leica] What SHOULD the week at Photokina bring? Open back M loading
From: rangefinder at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Mon Sep 27 06:42:06 2004
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> > My M6 would be forever perfect with:
> > - 1/2000
> > - Easier film loading through open back
> > Didier Ludwig
>Funny you should mention film-loading.
>I might have agreed with you the first few months
>of using the M,  but while not an accomplished M
>user like Ted or some others who can load an M camera
>while on a horse in full gallop, I now find the M easier
>to load than a manual SLR with back loading.
>For example, I find loading an M in the dark
>much easier than loading a manual SLR for which
>I have to insert the film leader into a slit.
>I just haven't found M loading a problem at all.
>Or perhaps I have lived with its quirks for too long.
>(I remember my exasperation the first few months)
>I might go for a removable hinged bottom for the
>M though, I don;t know.


Loading a SLR or VC Bessa in the dark might be more difficult because of 
the slit, that's true. But loading in the dark doesn't happen very often to 

My main complaint about loading a M is the fact you have to put the bottom 
plate somewhere while you load the new roll, as I usually make notes on the 
rolls and need both hands free for that. Or you need to keep the plate in 
your hand or under your arm or where ever, what I find uncomfortable. But I 
believe, that with a lot of exercise, this can be done while riding a 
raging bull.

Another point is, when you use a grip which is screwed on the bottom plate 
(as I do with the fat 75 and the long 135 lens), it happens sometimes that 
the strap gets between grip and body after changing a roll. Not very useful 
when you're just breakin' in a a wild horse...

But anyway: I bed a bottle of single malt that I unload/load my CV Bessa L 
faster than any of the above mentioned rodeo riders... :-)

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