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Subject: [Leica] RE: Leica donation to students
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Sun Sep 26 18:16:59 2004

All of the extremely competitive universities admissions are need blind.
When you read the catalogues they make it clear that they want talented
young adults to apply regardless of financial situation.

One of my friends is on the board at Harvard.  The whole institution
takes pride in the fact that they can give every student a full ride if
need be.  Adding to that, in a solicitation letter to my daughter, they
indicated that if the family income was 40K or less you did not have to
fill out any financial aid requests.  In other words, a complete full
ride is provided to the truly needy.

Maybe I could forge a few tax forms...

Many of the other elite universities do similar things.  The elite
schools really are trying to bring the best and brightest to their
campuses.  Unfortunately, many outstanding young adults doubt the words
and do not bother to try to get in.  As a country and a world we will be
the poorer for not putting the finest young adults in the finest
educational institutions.


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Unless something has changed, Harvard undergrad is "need
blind." They admit a class a students and figure out the finances
later - luxury of a giant endowment, I guess.  They make
an assessment of how much each student and his/her parents
can pay by examining tax returns, and then arrange to make
up the difference with loans (with some cap, was $10K/year
or so in the '80s) and then outright grants.  One works on
campus for spending money.

So no one should not attend Harvard undergrad for lack of funds.
Nice institution that way.


Karen Nakamura wrote:

>> Unless we're talking high school students here, may I
>> suggest that most folks who can afford to attend
>> college in the USA these days are also probably able
>> to afford a Leica?
> Errr... no....  Yes, colleges like Macalester cost $130,000 if you go 
> by the MSRP. But the reality is that colleges are heavily discounted 
> towards those who qualify for financial aid.  And many students are 
> required through their financial aid to work on campus to pay towards 
> tuition.
> Most parents I know are scraping by to pay my luxuriant salary. :-)
> Things may be different at Hahvahd.  :-P
> Karen

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