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Subject: [Leica] new 1ds mark II - TRUE file sizes
From: reddawn at (David Teo Boon Hwee)
Date: Sun Sep 26 05:36:31 2004
References: <000001c49fe3$c52f23d0$6401a8c0@dorysrusp4> <1095788943.8786.68.camel@failsafe>

Hi Feli

the file sizes u gave for the new 1Ds Mk II are wrong. My Canon 10D can 
shoot a RAW file which will expand out in my RAW converter to a 36 mb, 
16 bit TIFF file. This does not of course mean that every shot takes up 
36 mb of space in my flash cards. in fact, each RAW file is only about 
4-5 mb, depending on ISO.

I did a little digging around and discovered that Canon has released a 
PDF of information on the new 1Ds Mk II here:

According to this PDF:

File Size (on CFcard):
(1) L(Large): Approx. 5.5MB (4992 x3328)
(2) M1 (Medium1): Approx. 3.2MB (3600 x2400)
(3) M1 (Medium2): Approx. 2.6MB (3072 x 2048)
(4) S(Small): Approx. 1.9MB (2946 x1664)

RAW: Approx. 14.6MB (4992 x 3328)

JPEG quality: can be set from 1 (min. quality, max. compression) to 10 
(max.  quality, min. compression).

If you shoot a RAW file, it takes up about 14.6 MB on ur CF card, but 
expands to a ~90 mb TIFF, 16 bit image in photoshop if you require that 
level of quality.
if you are shooting in JPEG, the file sizes are much smaller (and 
depends on the compression you desire), so you can still shoot at 16.7 
megapixels at the JPEG setting and get a 5.5 mb file in you CF card.

How come nobody mentioned the fact that the 1Ds Mk II can use Leica R 
lenses, and has a focusing screen much brighter than those of the D60, 
10D, 300D etc. Hence it is a good replacement for your Leica R cameras, 
plus, you can still use Canon lenses if you so desire! :)

Boon Hwee

On 22-Sep-04, at AM 01:49, Feli di Giorgio wrote:

> Just out last night.
> Canon 1ds mark II
> Full frame, 16.7MP, 4 fps.
> It's huge (we had the original 1Ds back at my old job), but it's full 
> frame
> and unfortunately the only game in town. The Kodak is noisy over 
> 200-400asa
> and sllloooowwwww.
> But $8000 bucks?? You can buy a small car for that kind of money.
> Makes Leicas look cheap.
> And here is another question. The RAW files this thing puts out are 
> 50MB at full resolution. Think about this:
> 36 exp x 50MB = 1800mb (1.8GB) of storage.
> Thats a lot of a space for the equivalent of a roll of 35.
> I looked a some of the test frames on the Canon site and they are quite
> spectacular, but frankly nothing you couldn't do with modern Leica 
> glass
> and slidefilm. And it wouldn't have the Bayer pattern smear.

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