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Subject: [Leica] new 1ds mark II
From: mail at (Karen Nakamura)
Date: Sat Sep 25 17:14:11 2004
References: <002701c4a305$d9449150$>

>I'm not talking discounts here, Karen- What I was suggesting is that
>they offer a body and lens at honest-to-God cost. In other words, it
>wouldn't cost Leica one cent to do this, because they'd be offering this
>to 'starving' young artists who aren't about to buy a new Leica M or M
>lenses. And it would not only be offering the students the cameras for
>far less money than any discount, but it would also be accomplishing two
>very important things:

If Leica isn't making money (and I have no reason to believe they 
are), the "cost" of a Leica M7 is $2500....  I don't know why people 
think that the "cost" of an item is its pure manufacturing cost.  If 
Leica was giving away things at their manufacturing cost, I would be 
very worried about the company.

Besides.... except for the super-rich (and professionals like Ted), 
who do you know who has *bought* two *new*  M bodies to use?     99% 
of those students* are not going to buy another Leica intheir 
lifetime, even if the first one hooks them. And they're going to buy 
their lenses used.

* I can speak from experience at teaching photography classes  at 
college, that my average student budget for camera equipment is about 
$200.  It might be $500 if they have a loving aunt/uncle. 
Otherwise, they'd rather spend the money on an iPod or new laptop. 
And if they did have $2000 to spend on camera equipment, I guarantee 
they'd spend it on a Canon EOS 20D.  They'd be idiots to do 
otherwise.  Most of the jobs out there that require photo skills now 
require PhotoShop and digital editing skills, not silver halides.


Karen Nakamura

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