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Subject: [Leica] carcassone at night...
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Sat Sep 25 16:54:32 2004

As a side note, you can do this in the morning as well.  You just have
to get up more than an hour before sunrise.

As to doing this without a meter, I would set a basic dusk 16 exposure
on print film (with 100 speed film say 1/8 at F4) and shoot a frame
every minute as the light fades in the sky.  Obviously, if it is dawn
then as the sky brightens.  Once the sun breaks the horizon then you are
back to sunny 16.

Then of course, with a completely black sky you should be able to drop
any sky you want over the castle...


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Steve Barbour asked:
Subject: Re: [Leica] carcassone at night...

> Yes, I understand.....   a good point
> too....thanks,  Ted....anything you can do   if
> you get there too late, <<<<,

I don't think so, you just live with getting there late and shoot the
frames you can.  However, if I knew I'd be there another couple of
I'd make a point to be there earlier the next evening and build earlier
of the day around that time. That is if it were crucial to a paying

As a tourist holiday? Well if you could make it work without "she who
be obeyed" not being annoyed, ;-)  I'd be there early the next evening
because it has the potential for a beautiful photograph.

And if I were doing colour I'd bracket at wrong or right time. Lots of


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