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Subject: [Leica] RE: Epson RD-1
From: vick.ko at (Vick Ko)
Date: Mon Sep 20 15:58:46 2004

Here is a translation:


and enter the name of the web site.

Here is what I got:

R-D1 [ range finder digital camera ]

Employing the range finder
The range finder, it points to the camera which loads the function which
measures distance with principle of triangulation. Focus is adjusted by
the fact that the double image which is visible really inside the finder
is superposed. Generally by comparison with automatic focusing system,
the lens exchanging, efficiency does not change, it is possible to
adjust focus with the brightness which always almost is close to naked
eye accuracy quickly even at the dark place. In addition, like
single-lens reflex because there are no times when range of vision goes
out the occasion where the shutter is cut, the decisive instant is not
lost sight of.

It corresponds to the L/M mount of the Leica corporation
The name lens which even cultural assets of the photograph it should
call can be utilized to 21st century. The lens of the labor assistant
which becomes accustomed, offers the possibility of new photograph
culture ?? by obtaining in the digital world.

Employing the identical-dimensioned ratio finder
When seeing with both eyes, the image and the image which was seen with
the naked eye through the finder completely do the same being visible,
namely it becomes possible to handle the camera with the wide field of
vision the usually same feeling. In addition, there is also a merit
where focus precision improves by comparison with the optical finder of
low magnification ratio.

* The lens of the picture is not included in the commodity

        Specifications information
        As for more detailed information this
        Home page of manufacturer
Looking at the commodity at the store, if we would like to buy, this

        Epson R-D1 [ range finder digital camera ]

*Using together, convenience
Necessity of digital camera!
RSDC-S512M [ SD memory card 512MB ]             BUFFALO RSDC-S512M [ SD
memory card 512MB ]
Special price XXYEN 11,780 (including tax) it is 20% restoration
obtaining consumer tax sum total indication
Being essential to photographing the is memory card. With mass memory,
the high picture quality photograph the large quantity probably will be
It purchases together

Special price: XXYEN 312,900 (including tax) price: Open price
It is consumer tax sum total indication

Long haul it is required for the delivery       In the delivery of the
commodity, there are times when it receives your long-term time
concerning order future. Beforehand acknowledgement.

* Commodity specifications

    * The number of effective pixels: 610 ten thousand pixels
    * Finder magnification ratio: 1.0 times (complete identical
    * Lens mount: EM mount (the Leica corporation M type interchangeable
      Adapter<??????????(????)>With the L mount lens installing
    * Connected possible lens: Below depth 20.5mm from mount
    * Lens image pickup angle of view ratio: 35mm film lens declared
focal length conversion ratio 1.53 time
    * Liquid crystal size: 2.0 types)
    * Picture indication: 1 scene indication and 4 division indications
    * Sliding show playback: Playback interval approximately 3 seconds
    * Type of power source electric battery: Private lithium ion battery
pack (EPALB1) 1 use
      (Battery charger<?????????Attaching)
    * Type turn of electric battery: EPALB1
    * Media: SD memory card
    * Size (mm): The 142.0??8.5??9.5 (you exclude the projection of
    * Mass: Approximately 590g (the SD memory card, the electric battery
and the neck strap it is not included)
    * Accessory: Private lithium ion battery pack
      Battery charger
      Neck strap
      Power source cable
      Lens cover
      EPSON Photolier
      EPSON RAW Plug-In
      Adobe (R) PhotoShop (R) Elements2.0
      Packing cloth
    * As for detailsplease view this.

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On 9/20/04 3:13 PM, "Juan Gea-Banacloche" <> typed:

> Tim,
> If you are really interested, it can be bought online from yodobashi
> (yen 312,900).
> I don't know about taxes in the USA, though.
> Juan
I cant get mine to translate into English.
I tried Chinese and Japanese on Alta vista.

Any language advice or other sites with an English button?

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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