Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/20

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Subject: [Leica] Epson RD-1
From: timatherton at (Tim Atherton)
Date: Mon Sep 20 13:57:15 2004

> So my question of the morning is, does anyone on the LUG own an Epson
> RD-1 yet? I have one client who has bought one from a dealer in Hong
> Kong, and he's enjoying the camera immensely (the only camera he took on
> a recent trip, and he's got other M-cameras),

Hey hey hey - hold on - wait a minute - when I went travelling a few weeks
ago all the LUG knowitalls swore blind and double dutch that the Epson RD-1
was pure vapourware and would never see the light of day - or at the very
most had been announced much too early in it's very earliest R&D and might
even be as slow coming to market as the "real" digital M - on top of which
Epson and Cosina probably didn't really have the nous to actually produce
such a camera...

And you are telling me you can actually buy the thing now?


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