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Subject: Digital M/Digital Rebel was Re: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Sun Sep 19 18:07:01 2004
References: <007701c49e93$2544e630$> <>

Noise management and dynamic range get my vote over
sheer pixel count. Tradeoffs involved.  Fuji's new S3 seems
to be taking a whack at the dynamic range problem and
(1) I hope the technology works well and (2) I hope it
catches on if it does.

Jonathan Borden wrote:

> Now I don't mean to get too stuck on pixel counts, other factors namely:
> 1) noise
> 2) dynamic range
> are equally important. Indeed one of I am holding off spending 
> megabucks on a digital camera is that there is room to move on the 
> dynamic range front -- witness scanners which are moving into the 
> 16bit range --- sort of like the difference between a desktop scanner 
> and a drum scanner, sure the pixel counts may be difference but there 
> are good and not so good pixels. One of the biggest factors is dynamic 
> range (e.g. dMax).

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