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Subject: [Leica] Nepal ,altitude
From: firkin at (Alastair Firkin)
Date: Sun Sep 19 04:39:26 2004
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thanks so much for the link: the LUG is always a great starting point 
for any "adventure". This is one trip on which I have not found a 
Lugger to visit. Now that Ian Stanley has left Kathmandu :-(

I intend to use diamox only to address a problem and then move lower. 
We are lucky to have a personal guide and porter, so we do not 
influence anyone else if we decide to stay for extra days at lower 
levels to be sure we are adapting. I'm hoping to do mostly b/w for the 
landscapes, but will also do some colour work. Sounds like the 
polarizer sends the sky almost black. Might be a good effect with b/w 
once or twice ;-)

Thanks again

On 19/09/2004, at 1:58 AM, CHARLES STIRK JR C wrote:

> Most of my experience with altitude is in the Andes but
> much the same. Between 3000 - 4000 meters  how different
> people adjust vary greatly with little logic  to it . A
> seemingly athletic healthy person will be bed ridden while
> , moderately  healthy smoker will be just fine , I normally
> am generally not effected bit trouble with restless sleep
> and mild headache at close to 4000 meters that goes away
> after first day but  I have been told I am a freak .
>  Altitude really not that much of an issue at 3000 meters
> as you get closer to 4000 meters bit more of an issue .
> Over 4000 meters I like to compare it to scuba diving or
> space travel you can do it  but takes lots of work if you
> follow the guide lines mostly and are in good health all
> will go well normally  , The more time you have to
> acclimate the better .
> Be very care full if you decide  to take  Diamox
> (Acetazolamide) & or Dexamethasone , kinda like taking a
> drug that lets you walk on a broken leg works for a while
> but , really just masks the symptoms . Every single person
> I have know to be hospitalized or die due to altitude
> illnesses  has been in some way related to the masking of
> symptoms by these drugs , be very careful .
> Here is good cheat sheet
> Camera stuff might recommend the 15mm often seems a good
> fit at altitude & is small and lite , try not to over do
> the polarizer , sky at altitude all ready tends twords the
> deep blue  , over use can make fotos look like you traveled
> to an alien world .
> Chuck
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