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Subject: [Leica] Re: Top Twelve Gallery
From: mail at (Karen Nakamura)
Date: Sat Sep 18 17:42:36 2004
References: <00a101c49dd4$e2ee4470$>

>Wow, Karen -  DollGuy -  image no. 1 - is a killer. But as to your
>"Some find this to be a troubling photo, but is the "trouble" entirely
>in the eyes/minds of the beholder, evidence of our own societal
>No, it's not evidence of our societal prejudices, unless reacting
>negatively to a very strong suggestion of pedophelia is a 'societal
>prejudice.' ;-) That is, at least to my eye and mind, one extremely
>troubling photo - which is what makes it so interesting. I'm not
>troubled by a man being a doll collector, if that's what your comment is
>meant to suggest. Rather, I'm very troubled by the combination of the
>adult man's expression and the blank doll face.
>Sometimes, as Sigy said, a cigar is indeed just a cigar! :-)

That could be the case, he could be a pedophiliac. The only 
suggestion that he's pedo is that he likes dolls. We don't know why 
he likes dolls or what he does with them (other than sitting with 
them at antique shows). But there are other options:

1) He lost his wife and his child of 3 years old to some horrific 
accident many many years ago.
2) If women can like dolls just because they're cute and beautiful, 
why not men? What is so twisted about liking a doll? Can only good 
looking hunky-hunky guys like dolls without fear of being a pedo?

If any of the middle-aged male LUGgers went to a public park and 
started taking photos of 3-7 year olds, it'd take about 5 minutes 
before the police arrived to haul you away.  Don't you see the 

Or at least these are the issues I'm trying to raise.


Karen Nakamura

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