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Subject: [Leica] Nepal: gear
From: firkin at (Alastair Firkin)
Date: Sat Sep 18 04:50:24 2004
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Thanks Henning,
I'm training hard and will be off to the Grampians again this weekend: 
your idea that it may take time to recover with only 50% of the oxygen 
is spot on from what I'm told. I have a carbon Gitzo at 1.8kg and I'm 
determined to use it ;-) As for cameras, I will take an M, but the 
scenery seems to cry out for the XPan.

Which films are lower in contrast? I usually use Kodachrome, but its 
becoming a bit of a liablility with poor processing quality.

On 18/09/2004, at 8:59 AM, Henning Wulff wrote:

> At 1:44 PM +1000 9/17/04, firkin wrote:
>> Ok, I'm climbing to over 5500 meters, the air is thin and the UV must 
>> be high: now can I use (should I use) a UV filter?
>> tips please on mountain photography:
>> how wide an angle lens will I need?
>> how much in the telephoto range would be useful?
>> how can I keep the weight down?
>> Cheers
>> Alastair
> Hi Alastair,
> 5500 meters? Are you going to go around Annapurna? We were in that 
> area about 6 years ago. A former LUGger, Ian Stanley was living in 
> Kathmandu at the time (we had dinner with him when we got there), and 
> he gave me the best advice regarding preparation: Put on a backpack, 
> and climb up the stairs of a 20 storey building a couple of times a 
> day for at least a month beforehand. Then it doesn't matter quite as 
> much what camera equipment you decide to take. At the time I took two 
> Leicas with 21, 35, 50, 90 and 135. Also a Noblex 150 and a Mamiya 6 
> with 3 lenses, and a Gitzo 1228 and ballhead. And lots of film. I 
> didn't regret any of it.
> As usual, I used the 35 the most. The 135 got used the least, but it 
> did get used enough to make it worthwhile
> The tripod can come in very handy when you're trying to take a picture 
> after climbing up 1500m to get to that 5500m, and the good light is 
> going. If you want to take a handheld picture, it might take 15 
> minutes before you can do that. A tripod is quicker.
> You don't need a UV filter for the Leica lenses, unless you want a 
> sight bit of extra warmth. I didn't use any, except for the Mamiya.
> Take a polarizer, and use medium contrast film. Velvia might be good 
> for some shots, but for most stuff a gentler film is called for, as 
> contrast is usually quite high.
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