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Subject: [Leica] Contax guessing game...
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat Sep 18 03:27:20 2004

On 9/15/04 7:57 AM, "Richard F. Man" <> typed:

> In case you are not aware, Contax has been running teaser pic, with the
> caption: "Back With Passion" for the last week. A new piece of puzzle every
> two days. Here's the URL
> <
> 0495E6A> 
> DPReview news forum has a thread on it.
> It probably means that I have way too much time on my hands, but looking at
> the latest teaser pics, there is some sort of lever there - mechanical
> lever. I don't see anything like that on XPAN I/II, Epson R-D1, Contax
> G1/G2, Bessa Rs, or even the old Contax II/III.
> However, it looks rather like the frameline preview selector on the Leica
> M6/M7 (and others?)
> OMG - what if Contax releases a M7 clone with the T* Biogon? Digital of
> course....
> Or may be it's just a new line of lens with the M mount. How sweet is that?
> (From the previous teaser pics, we know it has a Biogon, shutter or
> aperture dials on top and a bottom that looks very much like the M already,
> prompting guesses that it would be a re-badged Epson R-D1 ala Rollei 35RF
> rebadging of the R2)
Biogon Schmigon.
The myriad of options optics-wise from 10 different companies which work on
the Leica M mount including the lenses from the Contax G does not give
Contax ANY advantage. They'll remain an complain non contender digital or no
digital. Hologram or no hologram.
They'll need a camera which sees through clothing to turn heads away from
the Leica M system.

We've got glass from

Konica Minolta.
Either or neither nor.

Contax. Biogon 16mm f8 Hologon Contax G conversion
Cosina-Voigtl?nder  ??
Canon and Nikon LTM screw mount.
Old Schneider super Angulon 21's,
15mm f8 Zeiss Hologon?made in Leica M mount
21/2.8 Kobalux Bower from Adorama
Sonnar and other probable Zeiss glass for the Rollei 35 rangefinder, glass
put together in Germany by Rollei
And I think just about anything can be put on a Viso.
...Enlarging lenses.
The thing you look through your door to see if your mother in law is coming.
You just need duck tape. Or black tape. Or know a machinist.

I wonder if you can put view camera lenses on a Viso? Or medium format

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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