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Subject: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Fri Sep 17 22:17:30 2004
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It was a minor joke. Over here in England we have been warned to eat 
less tuna because of mercury levels in the fish rising, pregnant women 
in particular.
I like tuna and all fish is good in Spain, though this is a huge point 
of contention in the EU. The Spanish eat the most fish after the 
Japanese. Since Spain joined the EC their fishing fleet has access to 
what used to be only individual European nation's waters and they fish 
much more. My daughter, a marine biologist, assures me that the 
fisheries are pretty well beyond recovery now (like the Canadian cod) 
but that because the fishermen are such a powerful political lobby the 
quotas have neither been set low enough or enforced enough.

On 18 Sep, 2004, at 05:49, Kit McChesney wrote:

> Frank--
> Have you ever tried Rain Coast Albacore? It's fished out of the 
> northwest
> U.S. waters, and it's REAL good. I never buy any other kind. Sure, 
> it's $3 a
> can, but well worth it. A tuna steak is pricey, so why shouldn't good 
> canned
> tuna be, too? Makes tuna a whole new experience. There is also a tuna
> imported from Spain, in glass jars, packed in olive oil, that is just
> de-vine! I can't remember the brand name just now ... Espinoza?
> Kit
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> John, I agree with you about everything bar the tuna!
> Frank
> On 18 Sep, 2004, at 03:21, John Collier wrote:
>> Nope, cutting a couple of holes in plywood is cheaper. Yes it was
>> plywood; nice plywood but plywood none-the-less. There are also safety
>> concerns as plywood is flammable and splinters in crashes.
>> That is not to say that i do not agree with you about the old wood
>> trimmed cars but that is not coming back for a number of reasons
>> beside cost.
>> Basically we have never had it so good in cars, cameras and canned
>> tuna.
>> John Collier
>> On Sep 17, 2004, at 8:12 PM, Jeffery Smith wrote:
>>> That was sort of my point. While Volvos were seen as high priced cars
>>> that lasted a long time, other less expensive cars were made that
>>> last a
>>> long time. So the Volvos lose some of that market share.
>>> One of the professors at Dillard University bought a jag, and when I
>>> took a ride in it, I was appalled. Instead of the rich, orange wood 
>>> on
>>> the dashboard that I remembered from the 1960's, it had wood-colored
>>> contact paper on the dashboard. I think that might have been cheaper,
>>> but I could be wrong.
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