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Subject: [Leica] Re: The Economist (WAS: Kerry Who)
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Fri Sep 17 10:31:10 2004
References: <000001c49c4c$ae68fc60$6401a8c0@dorysrusp4> <> <00f701c49cc4$79c5dd70$0202a8c0@dadsoffice>

I read an interview with Angelina Jolie, the American actress, on a 
plane last week. One of the reasons she likes being out of the USA is 
to get world news, she said even the big newspapers in the US give 
superficial coverage of world affairs, my experience would agree, 
though I have only visited 20 to 30 US locations. It must be just about 
impossible for the majority of Americans to get a balanced view of 
world affairs as they are given no data. One of my friends who is an 
international expert in Washington, doing mainly government work, is 
tearing her hair out at the antics of the current administration and 
its ignorance.

On 17 Sep, 2004, at 15:41, Max Weisenfeld wrote:

> They also effectively report both sides of an issue, and in another 
> novelty to readers in the USA, they effectively cover the rest of the 
> world.

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