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Subject: [Leica] Weedon Northamptonshire #3
From: geebee at (GeeBee)
Date: Fri Sep 17 09:49:44 2004
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From: "Ted Grant" <>

Subject: Re: [Leica] Weedon Northamptonshire #3

> Graham showed:
> Subject: [Leica] Weedon Northamptonshire #3
> ><<<<<
> Did you have a polarizing filter on?  And if not why not?
> My immediate reaction to the scene was... "Oh my what a beauty this
> been with a polarizing filter to crank the sky a richer blue and saturate
> everything else."
> I suppose that could be done in PS, but I'd rather do it real-time as the
> shot is made. One other, and this is more from ones preference toward
> colours" compared to what appears as somewhat washed out appearance here.
> How about a stop to stop and half darker? I'm a lean toward rich colour or
> well saturated and it comes from days of shooting for magazines where full
> rich colours were always the cry of the photo editor and art directors for
> newsprint Rotogravure sections.
> ted

Hi Ted,

No polariser. I only have a polariser to fit the 35mm & 50mm and I only use
that for trying to tame troublesome reflections. I have a personal
preference for muted colour and for that reason I use Agfa although these
days even Agfa seems to have been tweaked towards more vivid colours. Photo
editors and art directors obviously know what pleases most viewers so I am
fully aware of being out of step with the majority :-)

You correctly identify my PhotoShop solution for shots that I feel would
benefit from more saturation but I rarely use that, my personal preference
pushes me more in the direction of taking some colour out in PhotoShop.

For some shots I love vivid colour:

but in the main I prefer softer colours:

Thanks for looking and commenting.


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