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Subject: [Leica] Kerry Who
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Fri Sep 17 00:24:43 2004
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I enjoy reading "The Week". There is a US version, which I have not 
read, but the UK version is interesting because most of the World News 
is a pr?cis of several newspaper reports. It is often very amusing - 
but never surprising - to see how differently the same events are 
reported by different journals.
I believe in freedom of speech and integrity also, but newspaper 
proprietors and/or governments are too keen to "align your opinion" 
with theirs for there to be any one reliable source. The Week at least 
lets me guess where in the interpretations the truth may lie!
I think most journals are printed to sell. They do this most of the 
time by confirming the opinions of their readership, not by revealing 
unpopular truth.

On 16 Sep, 2004, at 21:46, Jeffery Smith wrote:

> O'Reilly sparks journalistic intensity, but I wouldn't mind seeing his
> ass run out of town. I really, really value honesty and integrity in
> journalism over panache. I move from Time to Newsweek to US News & 
> World
> Report searching for journalism without an axe to grind. Boring? Maybe.
> But there's something to be said for non-biased reporting.
> Jeffery Smith
> New Orleans, LA
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> Why should we care? WHY should we care? B.D., we HAVE TO care.
> After all, M.B. Howard was the prototypical new age journalist. Not 
> just
> another tattered, pants-pissing newspaper reporter warming a barstool 
> in
> the
> Denver Press Club, but a cutting edge (that'd be the edge of a
> single-edge razor
> blade, of course) coke dust Hoover who sparked journalistic intensity
> via
> jangled nerves and $1,000-a-day habit, rather than a foggy, old-school
> rage fueled
> by a three-boilermaker lunch.
> And to think we ran his sorry ass out of town. How shortsighted could 
> we
> have
> been?  : )
> Mr. Reverence, Chris Lawson
> B.D. writes:
> And we care about the former editor of the Rocky Mountain News, why? 
> ;-)
>>> Chris Lawson takes a wild guess:
> Let me guess. Would that be Michael Balf Howard, former Rocky Mountain
> News (Denver) editor-in-chief and cocaine addict who slithered out of
> town in shame?
> No, I didn't think so.
> -Chris Lawson<<
>>>> writes:
> How many Americans can tell me who Michael Howard is?
> Neil<<<
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