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Subject: [Leica] Just for YOU! Who says Kyle doesn't love the LUG?!
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Sep 16 07:31:01 2004

Of course it sounds like something we'd read on the LUG, you dunce -
because we're reading it on the LUG! Except we can't be reading this on
the LUG, because you actually had a camera with you at an important
moment, managed to focus, compose, and set the right exposure. Oh,
right, and you also had film/CF card in the camera. So, as I said, we
couldn't be reading this on the LUG. After all, if we were reading this
on the LUG, the punch line would be the fact that when you visited, you
had a commemorative Barnack gift wrapped for Jay, locked in a safe in
the trunk of your car. :-)


Way to go, Kyle... :-)

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Subject: [Leica] Just for YOU! Who says Kyle doesn't love the LUG?!

Okay kids, normally I'd keep this one under my hat and the pix in my
family album, but it's dripping with LUG happiness like a Tilly hat
giveaway, so I'll pass it along.

Six months ago my friend Jay, who's known me since I was five and been
the uncle I've always wanted, went into the hospital feeling dizzy from
an infection. Within hours he'd gone into a coma where he stayed for
eleven weeks. Luck put him in a hospital near me and I was able to ride
the subway a mere few blocks during my lunch hours to sit with his wife
and two grown children who took turns flying out from their respecitve
new homes. It looked grim. The infection wouldn't go away, he wouldn't
wake up, he underwent open heart surgery to try and cut away the
infection which had lodged on a valve in his heart. But he was still
unresponsive and doctors couldn't bring him back to consciousnes. They
said that his high feaver could have caused brain damage and that the
longer her was in a coma, the less likely he was to ever wake up. After
months, he opened his eyes but showed no signs of recognizing anyone,
his eyes would dart around while people talked to him. He lost a
significant amount of weight and couldn't breathe without a ventelator,
couldn't eat, couldn't drink, couldn't move. Then. One afternoon, I went
to the hospital at lunch and his wife said: "I was leaning over his face
saying 'Jay, Jay, can you hear me?' Like I always do, and he said:
'You're standing on my ventilator!' I looked around and said 'No! Jay,
I'm not!' and he said, in a very labored voice, 'It was a joke!'"
Suddenly, in the space of minutes, he had come back from whatever brink
he'd been to, seemingly his old self. I went in to see him and he said,
'Kyle ... I'm ... too ... tired ... to ... talk.' Which was more than
I'd ever hoped to hear from him again. He woke up, but he was completely
paralized from the neck down. Gradually the paralysis subsided, he went
through weeks of PT and yesterday, made three significant milestones,
firstly he went home, for the first time in months, secondly, he walked
ten feet with the aid of a walker, and thirdly, possibly most
importantly, he met his granddaughter for the first time. I happened to
be there when it happened and snapped two photos with my little leica.

This sounds like something you'd read on the LUG, doesn't it? Now wipe
away your tears and go photograph something. Put something on film and
make this day count, people it's never going to be here again.

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