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Subject: [Leica] Re: Kerry Who
From: simonogilvie at (
Date: Thu Sep 16 07:25:38 2004

Jon Stanton wrote:
> Looks like he has a solid platform. As an American I get a little confused
> with some British terms. "Liberal" in Britain for instance is Conservative
> following the Classical Economic definition (Hayek, von Mises, et-al) maybe
> (?) the equal to the Libertarian party in the USA? In British parlance, is
> Conservative further to the right or more towards the center? Is your Labor
> party the equivalent to our Liberal/Democratic party? Hey! it's 4am where
> I'm at...back to the sack for me.

Traditionally, our Labour party (note the spelling :-) is left of centre,
Conservative party is right of centre, and Liberal Democrat party is in
the centre.  These days, they're all so similar it's difficult to tell them
apart!  Labour and Conservative parties are traditionally the two main 
but the LibDems are gaining ground.

For the sake of the non-UK people, Michael Howard is the leader of the
Conservative party, and we're having a general election next year sometime.
This should put him and Tony Blair in the equivalent positions as G.W. Bush
and Kerry, but I bet we don't hear anywhere near as much about them!

Anyway, enough of the politics (UK and US!) - lets return to the LUG shall 


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