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Subject: [Leica] 1.5GB in a shirt pocket
From: bcaldwell51 at (Bryan Caldwell)
Date: Sun Sep 12 12:22:19 2004
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50-60 min. to download a 1gb card seems pretty prohibitive to me. 
Especially if you need to be sure your iPod is fully charged before you 
begin. Several reviews I read pointed out that if your iPod battery 
expires during transfer, everything simply stops - without telling you 
what has been transfered and what hasn't. Having to be connected to AC 
kind of defeats the purpose.

I'd also be very reluctant to wipe and reuse a 1 gb card in the field 
until I'd actually seen the images on my computer screen verifying 
their transfer. Apparently in a normal transfer, the iPod/Card Reader 
combination does not provide a confirmation. There is a way you can get 
it to confirm transfer, but this adds 20-30% to the transfer time.

I have a 40gb iPod I take almost everywhere, but when shooting away 
from home, I use a CF to PCMCIA card adapter to load images into my 
PowerBook and then, before wiping the card, I also transfer the images 
via firewire from the PowerBook to a SmartDisk portable firewire 60gb 
hard drive that's easily pocketable or can be stored in the depths of 
my suitcase.

iPod as computer substitute backup is a good idea, but I'm not 
convinced the bugs have been worked out yet. Of course, if you're only 
talking about a 128mb card or a smaller volume of pictures, it will 
probably work quite well.


On Sep 12, 2004, at 11:48 AM, B. D. Colen wrote:

> I've used it - but not for any major transfer. It did seem a tad slow.
> On the other hand, as I use 1 gig cards, even if it takes a long time 
> to
> down load, when I start downloading I'll start shooting with a fresh 
> one
> gig card, so speed isn't as much of an issue. The recharging may be, 
> but
> I have a charger for the iPod, so....
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> B.D.,
> Have you (or anyone else) actually used the iPod/Card Reader to store
> images yet? I thought about doing this, but read reviews that pointed
> out it takes almost 30 min. to transfer a full 512mb card to the iPod
> (severely taxing the iPod battery in the process). Although the
> connection is via a firewire cable, the transfer is not done at
> firewire speeds. I suppose that if you're only dealing with small
> numbers of jpegs the slow speed would not be a hinderance, but if you
> shot a large number of jpegs or even a moderate number of RAW files,
> you could be in for a long wait to free up your memory cards again.
> Bryan
> On Sep 11, 2004, at 5:09 PM, B. D. Colen wrote:
>> Try 20 gigs in a shirt pocket!
>> My family gave me an iPod for my birthday, and I quickly discovers
>> that Belkin mades a card reader - takes six different digi card
>> formats - that plugs into the iPod and turns it into an image bank. Of
>> the 18.5 gig available on the 20 gig ipod, I've used 4.5 gigs for
>> music - which is about 84 CDs with 1300 or so pieces of music, and
>> have 14 gigs available for images. My goal is just to keep 10 gigs
>> free. The Belkin uses firewire to transfer the images from card to
>> iPod, and you can then use any kind of software, or just drag and
>> drop, to transfer the images from iPod to computer....
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