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Subject: [Leica] JOBO tank capacities and XTOL
From: abridge at (Adam Bridge)
Date: Sat Sep 11 17:01:39 2004

I am processing TMAX100 in XTOL using my JOBO ATL-1000 that uses the
hefty large-diameter tanks, either 2 or 5 reel tanks.)

It's much easier to use the 2 reel tank for one roll of film but the
nominal amount of chemistry to use is 250ml according to the JOBO

But that capacity won't let me use 100ml of XTOL (which is what a roll
of 36 exposure rolls is supposed to have) because then I need a total
of 400ml of diluted developer.

But I decided to try filling the tank and laying it on its side and
seeing what the real capacity was - and it turned out to be over

So is there a reason I SHOULDN'T use 400ml? The tank seems to accept
it but I don't want to end up either harming things or making live

If you happen to have a similiar JOBO I'd appreciate some thoughts.

I have convinced myself that 60ml isn't really enough to keep TMAX
happy although it will work with TRI-X.



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